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TEE Szemle - Review of EAT-Hungary


Dear Readers,


We are happy to announce that the Review of EAT-Hungary (TEE Szemle) is now on-line. We are waiting for your contributions. You can submit contributions (in English or Hungarian language) in the following categories: research articles, opinion/debate, short essays (theoretical or empirical), interviews, book reviews, reflections, project reports. TEE Szemle is a peer-reviewed journal. For guidelines contact our Editorial Team ( Contributions will be selected for publication based on their engagement with the main goals and objectives of our association. The central themes are: the competency-based education, inclusion in education, intercultural education,  foreign language education, ICT, and teacher training. Please note that it is not necessary to be in or to have completed a PhD trajectory for submission, both experienced and young authors are highly welcome. The contributions should meet the criteria of quality, originality, and methodological and/or theoretical novelty.


We very much look forward for receiving your contributions! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write us.


Best wishes,
Irina Golubeva (Editor-in-chief) & the Editorial Team of the Review of EAT-Hungary

TEE Szemle
VOL: 4, ISSUE: 1
TEE Szemle

Next issue due October 2016


Responsibility: TEE KIADÓ
Editor-in-chief: Irina Golubeva

Editorial team: Amália Olga Bandi-Liszt, Orsolya Andrea Simon, Éva Burin, Fruzsina Lili Zolnay

Address: Budapest Str. 11, Veszprém, Hungary 8200

Mail address: Jutasi Str. 20/1, Veszprém, Hungary 8200

ISSN: 1785-6213
Online ISSN: 2064-9924


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