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The Hungarian section of European Association of Teachers (AEDE-Hungary) was founded in 2003 to bring together teachers who heartily stimulate co-operation between European nations and support the idea of moulding one European Union. The preparatory work started in 2002 and it would never be a success without the support of the Dutch Section (AEDE-Netherlands).


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The main objectives of our work are:

  • to promote the integration of Hungarian education in European education, dissemination of information related to education;

  • to promote the idea of "European dimension" in education and the idea of "European Citizenship" among Hungarian teachers and students;

  • to enhance respect for diversity;

  • to strengthen partnerships between Hungarian and European organizations and institutions;

  • to disseminate good educational practices;

  • to organize teacher trainings;

  • to promote life-long learning of foreign languages and cultures, and the development of  intercultural competence.





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